Massage Therapy

Susan Matanibukaca, LMPSusan Matanibukaca, LMP

If I had it my way I would have been an actress.  That is what I spent most of my younger days doing.  Promotional modeling, commercials, independent films and acting classes. In 2003 I had my first child and my visions started to change. I will say there is something to be said about a true calling.  I found myself at Ashmead college of massage and graduated in 2005.  I have traveled internationally studying social behavior, cultures, beliefs, healing rituals and lifestyles. I have worked with abused children introducing healthy touch; athletes; and individuals of all different walks of life.  I continue to grow spiritually and in faith to be the healer I am today. I am in love with my career because I get to pass along to others how to connect mind, body, and soul. To care for thy self and your families through touch. I believe that there is a healer in all of us.

 I also provide sports massage for local rugby team, coach soccer for the Boys n Girls club. I practice cupping, tuning fork therapy, chakra alignment, deep tissue, sports injury and Swedish massage and Chinese medicine massage. I take Personal injury claims, L.N.I., and some insurances.  You may contact me at

75.00 ~ 1 hr  
90 minute and 2 hour sessions available. 
80.00 ~  Body Healing for 1 hour. Includes aromatherapy oils and all other upcharges necessary for healing. 
Inquire about our V.I.P. program and courses (sliding scale offered)
Time to Heal accepts donations for our introduction to healthy touch massage program to children under extreme stress. 

I look forward to meeting you. 


Bonnie Lee, LMP Antoinette Johnson, LMP
You're Wellness LLC

"A healer does not heal you. A healer is someone who holds space while you awaken your inner healer, so that you may heal yourself." -Maryam Hasnaa

I have always had an interest in natural healing but it was the rollover car accident that I experienced during my senior year of high school that really drove my passion in helping others to help themselves. I have been practicing massage since 2007 and my journey in learning is what feeds my soul, it is never ending. I have advanced training in sports, relaxation, pregnancy, injury, accident, medical, TMJD intraoral massage, aromatherapy, energy and holistic healing. I often find myself in deep meaningful conversations with those I encounter and am interested in all things that help myself and others to flourish

60 Minute Massage $75
90 Minute Massage $110
120 Minute Massage $140
Gift Certificates Available
MA License # 00024495

"Wellness is not to be attained, it is to be unveiled. Wellness is what you ARE"

Please call 253-797-4567 to schedule an appointment
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Sandi KochSandi Koch, MOTR/L, CLT-LANA, CYT
Santosa Yoga and Movement Center

Sandi is an experienced Thai Yoga Massage practitioner and a graduate of the
Three Trees Yoga Teacher Training Program. She is a seasoned Occupational Therapist specializing in pediatrics and lymphedema management and has a background in sports medicine.
Sandi combines these skills to provide you with an experience that is designed to create contentment - feeling relaxed yet energized. Your session will be alignment focused with a balance of compassion, gentleness, and challenge when appropriate - and with a sprinkling of humor.   Services offered include: Thai Yoga Massage, Yoga Instruction, Lymphatic Massage, and Occupational Therapy Services.  

Thai Yoga Massage (also known as Thai Massage) is a generations-old modality native to Thailand and influenced by similar traditions from India and China. It is an integration of acupressure, massage and yoga-like stretching which is said to be “like having yoga done for you.” Thai Massage continues to be practiced, in various forms, across Thailand and has now become quite popular in the West. License #OT 02811

Thai Massage or Lymphatic Massage
60 min for $65
90 min for $80
120 min available.

Santosa Yoga & Movement Center: Create Balance: Mind, Body, Soul



Bonnie Lee, LMP

Katherine Hardin LMP, CYT
Licensed massage practitioner and certified yoga trainer

It truly is an honor for me to get the opportunity to help you unwind your body and find peace of mind.

I have been on a journey helping others towards wellness as a massage therapist since 1999 and yoga instructor since 2006. I have spent the majority of my massage career working alongside some of the most talented Chiropractors in the south Puget Sound. They have taught me the value of knowing the whole story of someone's condition and how self care can play a big role.

I believe Massage, Yoga and Meditation are some of the best resources for self care. I have made it my mission or Dharma to help others find inner peace and peace in the body through these channels, to increase world peace one massage, one yoga class at a time. I have refined many massage techniques and my intuition to listen to your body's story, therapeutic needs and optimum depth of pressure. I customize your therapeuticjourney towards total mind body wellness. Not just treat one area of injury but you as a whole person. Returning to your mind body connection and help you return to your optimum self. It is my intention to make every massage your ultimate restful, restorative and revitalizing experience. It is very important to me to keep a positive energy and create a healing space that encourages sanctuary from the stresses of the busy, stressful outside world. Just as I intend to lead every yoga class to the ultimate surrendering savasana. Bringing you back to a state of peace and wellness. Let me massage you to your ultimate surrendering extended savasana.

Techniques include

  • Deep tissue massage

  • relaxation massage

  • certified Pregnancy massages

  • Table Thai passive stretching

  • Gua Sha scar tissue release

  • certified TMJ release

  • Myofascial release

  • aromatherapy

  • cupping


60 min $75

90 min $110

120 min $150

  • Book today at

253-315-0483 or find me on Yelp

Or catch one of my Three Trees YogClasses Sundays 9am community -pay what you can or 12pm Beginner Hatha