Bonnie Lee, LMP Head to Heel Reflexology for Better Health
Linda Frank, NBCR 

One of my favorite testimonials about the power of reflexology comes from former Today Show host Regis Philbin.  Regis had phoned Laura Norman, the world-renowned reflexologist and educator who’d introduced me to reflexology, to come to Lenox Hill Hospital the night before the surgery that had been scheduled to remove the kidney stones his MD’s insisted were too large to pass without surgery.  In this short clip you can hear Regis talk about how reflexology helped him avoid surgery, and helped him again years later.
That said, reflexology is NOT a substitute for medical treatment.  It is a recognized Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) that helps the body to do what it was designed to do naturally. 

Developed by three MD’s and a physiotherapist, reflexology is the application of alternating pressure of thumbs and fingers on reflexes located on the microcosms (maps) of the body found on the feet, hands and outer ears. Clients have reported, and hundreds of studies have found, that reflexology has helped alleviate many symptoms, and sometimes causes, of a variety of ailments.  It can also be profoundly relaxing.

I had incorporated some reflexology into my massage practice back in the 1980’s after being encouraged by Laura Norman to learn the modality and work with her.  As much as I enjoyed working on feet, and noticed how much my clients liked it, I wanted to continue doing full body massage.  Reflexology, therefore, remained an add-on in my massage practice, to which I also added Reiki and Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupressure (becoming certified in those). 
When I decided to focus on reflexology in 2014, I could have transferred my massage education from the Swedish Institute in NY and practiced reflexology as an LMP.  However, WA had created a new certification for reflexologists, and I decided to take that route. I graduated from Seattle Reflexology with 240 hours of additional reflexology training (the highest level, formerly called Certificate of Mastery), and after three state and national exams, plus additional requirements, I got my
WA-State credentials and ARCB certification as a National Board Certified Reflexologist. 
I am in awe of reflexology as a helping modality, and I look forward to introducing you to it and/or furthering your experiences with it.  I work predominantly on the feet, but as needed may work points on hands and/or ears to enhance the work on the feet.

60 minutes $70
75 minutes $80
90 minutes $85
Check my website for great monthly specials
75 or 90 minutes is recommended for chronic issues and/or for foot pain first sessions.
For children or very elderly, 30 minute sessions can be arranged.

At Three Trees Yoga & Healing Arts Center every Saturday from 9-3 and Sunday from 3-9 by appointment only.
253 576-9541. RF#60511875