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Lisa taylorBrittney Stough

My roots are in Chicago where I lived until the age of 10, then my family moved to the big sky country, Montana. 

I was fighting acne from a young age. Unfortunately we did not have many choices for skin care or facial treatments. I was always trying over the counter remedies with little results. Then I really got serious about ingredients and using high quality products. When I started to see results, I knew this was more of a science than I had ever thought. This is what drew me to my esthetics career. I knew that if I could learn more I would be able to help others with their acne. 

I went to Chicago in 2004 to pursue my esthetics career and attended The College of Beauty Culture while working in a cosmetics store. Going to school at night I completed the 850 hour course.  All while maintaining a long distance relationship. I returned to Montana, back to my soon to be husband  and stepson. 

I knew I needed to be part of a health and wellness community so spa work seemed to be the best fit. I found my place with the Peak Health & Wellness Center in Missoula MT where I worked for over eight years. I loved being a part of the Wellness community. Here I developed the skills to give a facial that worked andto see results combined with relaxation.

I took quarterly classes with my skin care educator to keep up on the latest techniques and  ingredients.

In 2010 I continued my education, by certifying in eyelash extensions. A silk extension that enhances your natural lashes one by one.

In 2011 I was looking for an alternative for people who we're waxing but still getting ingrown hairs. I became certified in sugaring - an all natural form of hair removal, and it changed my clients lives. This ancient form of hair removal is very gentle and uses little heat while removing hair in the natural direction of growth thus reducing ingrown hairs and providing amazing results on sensitive skin.

In May of 2013 my stepson graduated from high school and in September my husband and I decided to follow our dream of moving to Washington. We have found our place in Federal Way. We love it here, and feel at home already.

Now, almost ten years in the business, I offer a full service esthetics menu. My love and passion is helping women with their skin using natural products to get results with a combination of facials and home care. It's one of my greatest joys to see some one's self esteem change fall in love with their skin again. I offer a comprehensive skin consultation as well as extractions in every facial. I can customize to your needs. I would love to help you get your acne under control or help you slow down the aging process. I strive to use the highest quality ingredients  so that my clients get the best procedures possible.

Whatever your needs, I love a challenge and will try to answer any questions you have.

I am so excited to be a part of Three Trees Yoga & Healing Arts Center.
Phone  206-939-2177 or email info@bumbershootskinspa.com