Julie Bradley Susan Boyer, RYT

Yoga provided me healing and stress reduction, first with Diane Bunting, Kundalini Yoga Teacher in the mid 1990’s.  A few years later I discovered Jeni Martinez, Hatha Yoga Teacher and followed her to Three Trees Yoga Studio, where I connected with Jeni’s wonderful yoga partners Karen Schwisow and Suzy Green.   I became a registered yoga instructor in February 2014 through the Three Trees Yoga Teacher Training Program.  I am also a pharmacist with many years of experience in hospital and health-system pharmacy practice.

I have found a ‘steadiness and ease’ through yoga that is profoundly transformative.   And I am truly grateful to Jeni, Karen and Suzy for introducing me to the benefits of hatha yoga and grateful to be a member of the Three Trees community.  I am honored to share the healing yoga offers with our students.

Julie Bradley Julie Bradley, RYT

A mental health professional  with more than 30 years of experience serving individuals with serious mental health challenges, Julie began exploring yoga in 2010 as a way to improve her own holistic health and wellness.  She completed the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction series at Three Trees, and is also a graduate of the 2012 Three Trees Teacher Training Program.  Through establishing a personal yoga practice, Julie has found a new way of approaching life, and has experienced the joy of finding a “steadiness and ease” in daily life situations that is truly transformative.

In addition to a long-standing daily meditation practice, Julie uses asana, mantra, pranayama, and basic guidelines of Ayurveda, for supports on her own path.  These are also what she offers to students in her classes, with particular emphasis on reducing stress and anxiety, building self-confidence, and enhancing general well-being through learning to access the place of groundedness, compassion, and deep peacefulness within themselves.

Julie Bradley Maggie Cole, RYT

Maggie Cole is both a yoga instructor and certified teacher of students with special needs. She has over 10 years of experience in practicing and sharing yoga and is committed to inspiring people to reach their full potential physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Her classes offer students a way to build a strong yoga foundation through correct and safe body alignment. She helps them explore and celebrate their individual uniqueness as well as find balance, liberation, power, brilliance, and purpose both on and off the yoga mat. 
Maggie's words: I wish for gratitude. I am thankful for acceptance. Prayer and meditation bring me peace. I cannot live without love. I practice yoga for the journey inward. To me yoga is not a workout, it is a work in. The only real movement is return. I practice yoga to be the best version of me. 


Julie Bradley Sara Corbishley, RYT

I am certified in the "Art of Sound Healing," as aUsui Shiki Ryoho Reiki I practitioner, am an ordained minister and a 200 hr. RYT currently pursuing my 500 hr certification through Three Trees Yoga. I work with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, hula hoops, mantra, vinyasa flow, restorative yoga, yin, meditation and mindfulness. Yoga has been a life changing- life saving practice for me bringing deeper peace and connection to Self than I ever thought possible. I first found this thing called "yoga" at a music festival in a small class at sunrise in the middle of a field in southern NY. Learning how to breathe and move and flow in the sunlight felt so organic and was the missing piece in my struggle with PTSD. That was 9 years ago and I haven't looked back. I dove into philosophy and read all I could and began teaching myself Kundalini Yoga before enrolling in the Three Trees 200 hr training in 2014. Yoga has led me down a path of recovery from both disordered eating and addiction; taught me who I truly am and has shown me the way ever since that first moment of mind-body connection. I spent two years working with PreK-12th grade students at Annie Wright Schools launching their yoga program and bringing mindfulness to a much deserving population before deciding to deepen my studies and work with local studios. I am eternally grateful to the Trees and am thrilled to be a part of Three Trees Yoga, my hOMe studio.


Julie Bradley Cristina Covert, MD RYT

Yoga has brought me a greater connection with myself, others, and the every day.   Starting yoga in my residency training for family medicine was a mindful decision as the physical practice continues to bring me mental clarity as life evolves.  Since then, I have traveled to Bali, Indonesia for my 200 hr RYS teacher training in vinyasa flow with Frog Lotus Yoga in 2010 followed by numerous workshops and trainings from vinyasa to yin styles of practice.  My classes bring my love of music and thoughtful movement together, while reminding us of the power of breath and stillness, both on and off the mat.



Dhaval DhruDhaval Dhru, MD RYT

Dr Dhru is a certified Yoga teacher having undergone yoga teacher training at White Lotus foundation, Santa Barbara, CA and also at Ayurvedic Institute, Albuquerque.  He teaches at Three Trees Yoga and provides individual and private yoga classes incorporating Ayurvedic principle so as to come up with appropriate yoga practice for an individual.

Dr. Dhaval Dhru MD, retired ENT Surgeon, now provides Ayurveda and Yoga Consultation and Education by appointments. He teaches Ayurvedic seminars at various locations nationally as well as internationally including teaching assignments at Ayurvedic Institute, Albuquerque, NM and Kerala Ayurveda Academy, Seattle, WA.  He studied Ayurveda with Dr. Lad, the world renowned Ayurvedic educator, practitioner, author and founder of Ayurvedic Institute, Albuquerque. Dhaval Dhru is chair of the Department of Ayurvedic Sciences in the School of Traditional World Medicines at Bastyr University.   Click here for more information about his Ayurveda and Yoga Consultation services.


Dhaval DhruLori Ferry, RYT

Lori’s yoga journey began just a few years ago and she continues to be beyond amazed by the abundance of study available to anyone who has the passion & courage to explore all that yoga has to offer. She feels very blessed to guide as a 200RYT Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher and Shamanic Practitioner. Her passions towards guided Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Yin and Restorative Yoga as well as Energy Healing work flows intuitively in her daily life and loves to share this passion with others during her classes.
She continues her journey in yoga therapy training, Trauma Release Exercise and other healing modalities. With her own daughter as a military veteran she has deep compassion for healing our Community-in-Service and feels very privileged to guide individuals on their own journey towards healing. Lori joyfully invites you to explore your curiosity in yoga, and is always open to hear your own heart song.


Suzy Green, E-RYTSuzy Green, E-RYTSuzy Green, E-RYT

I first fell in lovewith yoga in 1991 during a ski holiday in Vail, CO with childhood friend Fenella Zimmern. Fenella had just returned from India, was in the midst of her teacher training in London and happy to share her new passion.

Fenella went back to England to become a fabulous teacher and eventually to develop the Yoga Bugs™ program (seeYogaBugs.com). I went on to have a couple of babies and forget about yoga in an effort to stay on top of the laundry. When I realized it was time to find a interest outside of being a wife and mother, I made a very clear intention about finding my life’s passion. After a friend’s repeated encouragement to join her yoga class-I was finally ready to make room for it. During that first class it all came back to me-how much I loved yoga in every fiber of my being. I began signing up for classes wherever I could find them including week long conferences in San Francisco and Orlando.

After moving to Federal Way I made another intention (feeling very successful at the whole intention thing) to find a Hatha yoga teacher not more than 5 minutes from my house that could challenge me. Two weeks later at a school auction I bid on and won a life changing series of yoga classes from Jeni Martinez who became a dear mentor, teacher, friend – and now partner.
Do you know how you are on the right path? The most amazing teachers keep taking your hand and helping you with your footing down that path.

It is my hope to be able to provide a hand for others.



Dana KeeganKatie Hardin, RYT

Having taught mixed level Yogafit classes for 9 years in the Federal Way area she decided to update her skills and deepen her understanding of yoga philosophy as a way of life by completing Three Trees Yoga ten month 200hr. intensive teacher training programin November 2015. Her path of yoga has led her on a journey of building self-love and acceptance, which has resulted in losing nearly 40-lbs and no longer diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. Katie strives to be an active advocate that yoga is for every BODY type and ability and through proper alignment and modification of poses she knows first hand it can be a life changer. It is her intention to help release judgement and competition while still bringing strength and stability to each student. She has found a deep love of including Pranayama (breath of life) into her practice to help open the vessel of the body to fully breathe from the core and bring the mind body connection back into awareness. Her favorite asana (pose) is Tree. It opens all the chakras, grounds the body and opens the mind to becoming a conduit to the energy around and within. Guided meditation, yoga Nidra, MBSR mindfulness and Kirtan mantra are part of her personal practice and may find their way into her prep for the ultimate Savasana. Her favorite classes to teach and build community in are Restorative and mixed level/ beginner Hatha classes. It's her mission to help release people from the stress of the week, computer, commute and reconnect to themselves. As a active person who also can be found running, hiking and geocaching with her 2 young children or teaching yoga on her paddle board. She also enjoys a rewarding 16 yr career as a massage therapist this has given her an awareness where the majority of people hold stress and tension and integrates that into her choice of pose sequences. Most of all she would like to remind us to be human"beings" not human"doings". Slow down and enjoy the sweetness of life between every breath. 


Dana KeeganKandy "Sohan" Hughes

I was a school teacher for over 20 years, and when I retired I took a 200 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training course with lead teacher Guru Singh.  I was certified in May 2014 and began teaching Kundalini Yoga classes just 2 weeks later.  I have continued a regular and busy teaching schedule since then, giving group and private lessons and assisting at a Kundalini Teacher training course.
Kundalini Yoga has brought so much to my own personal life in the way of a calmer more joyful way of living as well as flexibility and a pain-free body. I am less reactive in stressful situations as well as clearer and calmer when looking for a solution to any issue.  I have been able to realize more of my strengths physically, emotionally, and mentally.  I feel younger and happier. I am more open to people and situations.  I see my students doing the same as they continue the practice of kriyas and meditation.  They, as well as I, have learned more about self with each practice. Kundalini Yoga can be for any BODY.  The student new to Kundalini can be in excellent shape or in poor health. It is for everyone.  The practice is personally centered on what “your” body is telling you it needs.  The classes are relaxing, calming, and fun. 


Dana KeeganDana Keegan, E- RYT

I began practicing yoga in 2003 and was immediately taken with the benefits I received. On my mat I felt challenged physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, but I also had a sense of connection I’d never felt before. Since that first class, I began to face life’s challenges differently. I'd come back to my mat, sometimes after long absences, where I’d find a calmness, steadiness, comfort and a connection to self. In a recovery program since 1995, I absolutely love the way yoga and recovery enhance each other in my life! I became a certified yoga instructor in July of 2012, completing an intensive training at Konalani Ashram in Kona, Hawaii. Since then I’ve acquired certification with Yoga Behind Bars and Y12SR Yoga and 12 Step Recovery, received my Level I/II Reiki practitioner certificate and Level I/II Thai Yoga Massage certificate, and have taught over 1000 hours of yoga to bring my teaching credential to an EYRT-200 level. I continue to grow and learn from many mentors and wonderful teachers and I love sharing what I have learned with my students! I love the practice of yoga, and I encourage all who attend my classes to honor exactly where they are on their own yoga journeys! I look forward to sharing the magic of yoga with you.


Julie Bradley Sandi Koch, RYT, OTR/L, Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner

Growing up physically active, Sandi has always felt the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of movement. Consequently, she studied sports medicine and then Occupational Therapy.
Gaining her 200 hr Yoga Teaching Certification and Thai Yoga Massage Certification in 2014, led to the development of a vastly deeper level of understanding of the healing benefits of movement, and of yoga in particular. This was still further enhanced through training as a Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage Reiki practitioner.
Sandi enjoys the out-of-doors, family, and the sense of community that comes from connecting with students. She offers accessible classes that combine her passion for yoga with her knowledge and training in movement sciences, Thai Massage, and Reiki. She develops classes are alignment focused with a balance of compassion, gentleness, and challenge – and, with a sprinkling of humor.

Dana KeeganAnne Laurel, E-RYT

I am honored to be a teacher at Three Trees Yoga in my hometown of Federal Way! I became an RYT-200 in November of 2012, and since then have taught non-stop at multiple studios through the South Puget Sound, learning from some of the strongest females and best teachers in the Pacific Northwest. I am blessed to be the Kids Yoga lead teacher, and love to combine a playful style and didactic message for our younger yogi and yoginis.

Yoga saved my life when I was nineteen and first found my way into my practice, and it has saved my life on multiple occasions since. The moment I stepped from my first class, I knew my life had changed. I embedded yoga into the foundation of my very identity; knowing that if I did so, I would never return to the depression that had been my companion for years. Being med free and happy since, I know yoga to be a powerful panacea and wellness tool, and as a full time student at Green River I aim to expand my holistic knowledge-base by earning my Bachelors in Herbal Sciences and then moving into naturopathic medicine to best serve healing our bodies, minds, and souls. I hope to share the light and joy I find in yoga with others, and believe in the power of our un-struck and unbeaten hearts. My approach to teaching is to challenge oneself to play hard, and know that if you believe you can, you will.

Lawrence Loofbourrow Lisa Lindstrom, RYT

I experienced my first yoga class at twenty-two, when my attempt to "soar like an eagle" was thwarted by gravity. Although that was not the ideal start, I kept returning to classes due to my deep affinity for the practice and my determination to master it. Throughout my twenties, I practiced an athletic form of flow yoga primarily in the gym setting.  My appreciation for--and commitment to--the wider variety of yoga styles developed consistently over the next several years.  My style is heavily influenced by elements of Hatha, Ashtanga and modern Power.
Feeling that we live in a culture that moves far faster than our spirit, I found comfort in the peaceful, focused teachings of this ancient philosophy. Compelled to understand the mechanics of this practice, in 2014 I enrolled in Three Trees Yoga Teacher Training program. I began teaching group yoga classes in various venues within my community soon after. 

Sensitive to my students' frustrations in learning new techniques and aware that they need encouragement as they expand their yoga skills, I am conscientious about providing a good workout that is both intense and fun. In addition to leading a physically demanding practice, I challenge my students to reconfigure their mental models of how the world works and to consider--perhaps even experience--other realms of consciousness and existence. Finally, as a Highly Sensitive Person (i.e. genetic trait), I work hard to foster a soothing sensory environment for my students. I am committed to the empowerment of those Highly Sensitive People who feel marginalized and disengaged by weaving a personal and passionate interest in the subject matter into my teaching. 

Lawrence Loofbourrow Lawrence Loofbourrow

Lawrence is a martial arts practitioner and teacher with 35 years of experience. His roots are in Kajukenbo kung fu, for which he holds the rank of black belt, but his passion and joy is Tai Chi.  Lawrence has been tested and certified to teach Tai Chi by two separate martial arts organizations: The International Tum Pai Association, a branch of Kajukenbo, and the Chen Style Xinxi Hunyuan Institute in Beijing, China, through his current teacher Harrison Moretz.  Lawrence has been with Harrison, the founder and director of the Taoist Studies Institute in Seattle, for 20 years.  Lawrence is Harrison's senior disciple. Harrison is a close personal disciple of Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang, Beijing, China.  Feng Zhiquiang is the 18th generation Grandmaster of Chen Style Tai Chi and founder of the chen Style Xinyi Henyuan Taijiquan system. 

Jeni Martinez, E-RYTJeni Martinez, E-RYT

When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I never considered saying, “a yoga teacher!” I was more likely to say a farmer or a school teacher when I was a kid. However, I am grateful to my first yoga teacher, Renee Taylor, who saw something in me and encouraged me to do her ten month yoga teacher training program in 1989. While I never intended to become a yoga teacher even then, I was inspired by Renee and wanted to learn everything she knew about this ancient practice. Upon graduation, Renee insisted that I sub for her! I had a “real” job already but agreed out of obligation to sub for her “just a few times“. My love affair with yoga really began when I started to share this enduring practice with others.

I kept my crazy, stressful, “real” job that gave me stiff necks and headaches for another ten years (who wouldn’t?), but I started to teach yoga two to three times per week. Eventually, after having children, I realized what felt real now was being a mother and a yoga teacher, not a stressed out jewelry store manager. Like the Velveteen Rabbit, I was finally Real!

In 2004, I attended another yoga teacher training program, this time at Pacific Yoga in Seattle with Theresa Elliot and Kathryn Payne. Suzy and Karen were also in the program and it was during our year of commuting together that the idea to open a yoga studio was born. On June 6, 2005 (a day designated for greatness according to a Fung Shui expert we consulted), we opened the doors to Three Trees Yoga & Healing Arts Center, Federal Way’s first yoga studio.

Three Trees Yoga has lived up to our dream of drawing an amazing group of teachers, healers and students together. In addition we launched a Yoga Teacher Training and In-depth Studies Program in 2012 and a corporate yoga business, Work Well NW in 2014. I smile when I hear students in our yoga teacher training program say they already have a “real” job and can’t imagine teaching yoga. I’m glad I was wrong about my path all of those years ago because I can’t imagine being anything but a yoga teacher when I grow up!

In July 2016 I will complete an additional 300 hr yoga teacher training through Twist Yoga in Edmonds. This time when I graduate, I have no doubt I will continue to teach yoga. After all, Renee was in her 90s when I studied with her….I’ve still got a few years to go.

Jeni inspires a GAIAM blog post about how to find a great yoga teacher!


Tabitha MattsonTabitha Mattson. RYT

After 2 previous tries with yoga in my teens and twenties, 3rd time was a charm when I came back to yoga in 2008.  This time I came to yoga looking for a different way to relieve and manage stress.  What I remember so distinctly from my first class is how quiet my mind was and how wonderful my body felt.  Since then I’ve been hooked!  My fascination with and respect for the tradition of yoga has only grown.  It has given me a different way of approaching myself and life.     

In January 2014, I completed my 200 hour teacher training with Three Trees Yoga.  My classes combine a focus of proper alignment and breath awareness to train the mind to be present; while not forgetting the joy and fun that goes along with a well-rounded yoga practice.  I encourage students to listen to and honor their bodies.   My hope is to help students experience the peace that can seem so elusive and empower them to bring what they learn on the mat into their daily lives.


Tabitha MattsonLinda Meeks, RYT

‏Being a Yoga Teacher, Health and Wellness Coach and MELT Instructor, I am now in what I would call my “encore career”. I have always felt health and wellness are critical and have incorporated exercise and healthy eating as a way of supporting myself throughout my life. I spent many years as a manager and leader in the field of Information Technology and retired from The Boeing Company as the Chief Information Security Officer. I have a B.S. in Business Administration and an M.S. in Organizational Management.
‏I started practicing yoga in 1998 as a way to focus my mind away from the stresses of everyday life. Post retirement, I began teaching yoga in 2011 and completed 500 hours of Yoga Teacher training at the American Viniyoga Institut. I have been coaching since 2013 after I completed my Health and Wellness coaching certification through Wellcoaches Corporation. I am also certified as a group fitness instructor and MELT teacher. ‏I have a husband and three wonderful adult children which bring me great joy. My husband and I travel a lot and try to spend as much time as we can with our friends and family.

Dylan Noebels

Dylan Noebels, E-RYT

Underneath Dylan's casual demeanor lies a deep respect for the tradition of yoga. He is grateful for the inspired teachings of Kathryn Payne and Teresa Elliott of Pacific Yoga Teacher Training. Dylan uses yoga to gain a greater awareness of the body and mind. His teaching emphasizes proper alignment and clear intentions to realize our full potential one breath at a time.

Check out Dylan's flow demonstration video

Dylan NoebelsKristin Peterson, RYT

Mindful, focused, empowering, strengthening, and fun. This is what I strive for in my own yoga practice and when I am teaching.
Yoga has provided me a respite from the busy, stimulating world we live in. Much like my meditative hikes in the Olympic and Cascade mountains, when I come to my mat I am giving myself the chance to reconnect with myself and cultivate compassion and patience (which my husband appreciates!).
Following the Hatha and Vinyasa yoga styles, my goal is to create a peaceful, yet challenging class for my student that incorporates proper alignment with movement and breath.
Through regular practice, I hope students find yoga to be as life-changing as it has been for me since I began practicing in earnest more than a decade ago in Seattle studios before moving to Dash Point and discovering Three Trees Yoga. I am a graduate of the Three Trees Yoga teacher training program.

Janice Sack-Ory, CNM, ARNP, RYT Janice Sack-Ory, CNM, ARNP, E-RYT

Janice Sack-Ory began her studies of yoga and mindfulness meditation in 2005 and has been integrating the two ever since. She is a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance at the 500 hour level and an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse-Midwife. Janice completed both her basic yoga teacher training and her Integrative Movement Therapy Certification at the Samarya Center for Integrative Movement Therapy in Seattle with Molly Kenny and Stephanie Sisson. In addition she holds Certifications in Insight/Yin Yoga from Sarah Powers and Paul Grilley and in Phoenix Rising Yoga. She is a teacher of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) as developed at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center by Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli. She further deepened her meditation practice by attending numerous vipassana retreats, especially with Dharma teacher, Heather Martin, and in training in Insight Dialogue as developed by Gregory Kramer. Janice is currently enrolled in an 18 month long program in Mindful Yoga and Meditation Training at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. She is committed to the process of compassionate inquiry and listening to one’s inner wisdom as a means to self-discovery and to enhance the quality of one’s life. Janice is honored and truly grateful to all of her amazing teachers for their knowledge, compassion, and support as she continues to explore this human experience!.

Renee Sanelli, RYT

Renee Sanelli, RYT

I started practicing yoga out of a deep desire to learn more about this seemingly “alternative” workout. Yoga has since helped me in such an unexpected way. It has helped heal my physical body, it has helped me find a balance between pushing a workout to the limit and actually listening to my body (not the almighty Ego), and it has brought me peace by teaching me how to quiet my mind. When you find something like that you want to share it!


Karen Schwisow, E-RYTKaren Schwisow, E-RYT, Certified MBSR Teacher

I was introduced to yoga in 2000 when my 80 year old Grandmother asked me to come to a free class at her church. Yoga resonated in my body and mind from that first night and since then I've found it to be a constant source of joy, challenge and learning. Although I had practiced meditation for over a decade, I found that yoga had an equally powerful ability to quiet the mind while simultaneously nurturing the body.

I received my Master Yoga Teacher Training in 2005 from Pacific Yoga Teacher Training in Seattle. A full circle moment came for me when I completed a 7 day professional training program for Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction under the direction of Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn and Dr. Saki Santorelli. This lead to my Certification as a Teacher of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction through the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society University of Massachusetts Medical School. I had read Jon Kabat-Zinn's book on his development of this program 18 years earlier and it was the seed that very slowly grew into the fulfilling work I do now.

To me, yoga is a moving meditation.  Its less about finding the perfect pose and more about being curious about how it feels to move in deliberate ways and to experience the present moment through an awareness of the body.  Yoga gives us an opportunity to watch our own habits of thought and reaction and find a place of stability and ease in mind and body. At the same time, we usually manage to laugh at least once in class and not take ourselves too seriously.

Wayne SchwisowWayne Schwisow

Wayne Schwisow still considers himself new to Tai Chi by ancient Chinese standards. He began his practice in 2005 at Three Trees Yoga, moving from the beginner short form through the traditional long form. He began teaching Tai Chi as a substitute for Coach Xu, his instructor, and has valued the rewards that teaching brings. 

Tai Chi has brought him a sense of peace and tranquility that is much needed in his demanding life as a graphic designer, father of 2 young women, avid soccer player and husband to the demanding woman pictured above (she is known to occasionally mess with his bio).


Wayne SchwisowJenni Wells, RYT

My first yoga teacher had the most beautiful voice. Every time I attended her class, I felt a little more at peace and a little more in touch. Years later, with a college degree, I found myself very lost. Life did not take me where I had planned. It did not take long before I found myself in yoga class again, looking for peace. I love the outdoors and being active, but always felt a little uncoordinated and self-conscious about my body. At some point, it hit me that in yoga class I feel beautiful, graceful and strong. Many people go through life feeling awkward and uncomfortable in their own skin. I know, I have been there! This realization brought me to yoga teacher training.

    Along with an RYT 200 hour certification, I have a four year degree in Exercise Science. I love to exercise, explore and create. My interest in the anatomy of the human body fuels my class sequencing. It is so fun to be creative and use my knowledge of how the body works to bring new perspective to the asana. I believe that exploring new territory is the best way to find inner strength. The main thing I want to achieve through teaching is that each person will leave feeling a little more at peace and a little more in touch with their purpose in life.

Allison Whiteley, RYT Allison Whiteley, E-RYT

Allison began her Yoga journey in 1998 when a dear friend invited her to a yoga class as a guest. She has never stopped being a student of yoga since. Her love of the practice continued to evolve as she sought to find herself and her true purpose in life.

In 2001 she listened to her soul's voice and began her training as a teacher with World Renowned Yoga Master Aadil Palkhivala. Allison has continued her education and growth through many hours of class time as a student and teacher, as well as numerous retreats, trainings and apprenticeships over the past 11 years.

Allison is a graduate of the College of Purna Yoga 500 hour teacher training program and is an Affilitate Purna Yoga Instructor.  She teaches safe, joyful, alignment based classes infused with love and compassion so each student feels deeply cared for.  It is from this place that students can explore and receive wisdom to unify their body, mind and spirit.  She is so excited and grateful to be a part of the Three Trees community. Allison's web site.

“Yoga is much more than a physical exercise. It gives us the tools find our true selves so we can live happy and fulfilling lives.”

Jamie Whiteley, RYTJamie Whiteley, RYT

I was introduced to yoga through the Episcopal Church over ten years ago. Since then, my mat and spirituality have been intertwined. You could say that I believe in yoga.

As a long-distance athlete, I understand the part that flexibility and core strength play in overall fitness. As a spiritual being having a human experience; I understand that we cannot separate our spiritual selves from our physical being. I try to bring both elements to the table realizing that everyone comes to their mat for different reasons. It’s difficult to nail down a particular style as I draw from any influence that makes sense to me; therefore when people ask which kind of yoga I teach I say, “approachable.”

I have my 200 RYT from Three Trees and I’m Stott Pilates mat and reformer trained. A majority of my teaching experience comes from teaching Pilates private classes. I try to bring the sensation of a private lesson into my group classes. I’ve also worked with a wide range of illnesses/injuries from muscle-skeletal to depression/PTSD sufferers. I love a challenge; I love people and care deeply about the practice of yoga. Hope to meet you on the mat!