Kids Classes

yoga classAges 3 through 9

Held the last Saturday of every month 2:30 - 3:30
We will use games, stories, music, and group poses to make yoga fun and accessible to children. The main focus of yoga for kids is to bring movement and awareness into our children's bodies... no ability to touch your toes or sit perfectly still required.

Benefits of Yoga for kids:
• Improves Motor Skills
• Improves Balance and Coordination
• Increases neuromuscular development
• Helps to strengthen the immune system
• Promotes healthier sleep
• Increases concentration, focus and attention span
• Stimulates auditory processing and responsiveness
• Balances energy
• Builds confidence and self-esteem
• Develops discipline and self-control
• Enables social interaction and self expression
• Encourages a fit and healthy life style
• Its fun!

Parents are invited to wait in our reception room and sip hot tea or water during class. We have found that if the parents remain in the room the kids tend to perform for their parents and the child misses out on having an internal experience. See Upcoming Events page for dates and times. Watch for our Summer Kids Camps.

See Schedule Page for days and times