suzyHow TTYTT can be useful in your profession:

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine: I use what I have learned from my Three Trees Yoga Teacher Training almost daily in my practice.  I feel confident to teach breath work as a form of managing anxiety and stress.  I teach poses or postures that will help with many physical pain problems in conjunction with my acupuncture practice.  While acupuncture will help with the pain immediately many people cannot see an acupuncturist as often as two to three times per week  and so now I teach my patients core work poses and stretching postures that will support keeping them pain free.

I love the aspects of living yoga on and off the mat and I also give these teaching to my patients. The philosophical perspectives help them gain new insights and this translates into a new confidence in creating a life that is happy and free of self imposed suffering.

I feel committed to yoga as a form of meditation: a quiet time for the self to listen to the mind, body and spirit.  In the breath, in the movement and in the gift of time there is no better self care model than this. The seasonal aspects of ayurveda that were taught at teacher training have provided a great forum to talk with patients on how to seasonally support their immune systems.
- Pat Wolfrom, L. Ac

Professional Coach: The Three Trees 200 hour Advanced Practice Program was like attending a yoga retreat every month for a year. My meditation practice became more regular and mature, my asanas more full of "steadiness and ease", and my attention more centered and focused. Because of that year, I had a profound experience of what equanimity can feel like. As a coach and facilitator, I have been able to draw on my yoga expertise as a resource to support individuals and groups in their developmental processes. I am grateful to be a more resourceful developer of others because of the effects of the program on me.
- Susan Schmidt, MEd, PCC

Mental Health Counselor: The Three Trees 200 hr training has proved helpful in some obvious and in some unexpected ways for my work with clients in a public community mental health center in downtown Tacoma. It has given me some physical tools – asana and breathing techniques – to offer clients for relieving anxiety, depression, stress. It provided a new perspective and approach to assessing client’s emotional states and needs through deepening my understanding and awareness of these as expressed at the different chakra levels. It brought more awareness (and healing) of some of my own unconscious “stuff” which has helped me be more present to others. It brought more joy and peacefulness into my life, helping to increase my own emotional and physical resilience and hardiness.
- Julie Bradley

Naturopathic Physician: So often in medicine the gap between lifestyle recommendations and patient compliance can feel wide. As a naturopathic physician, I am always searching for more effective and authentic ways to encourage follow through. My time with Three Trees Yoga Teacher Training has allowed me to confidently take patients by the hand and lead them to the yoga path, to make what can be new and intimidating seem doable, and to do it from a place of genuine love for the practice. It is not unheard of for me to get on the floor and demonstrate savasana or to take the time to teach a pranayama technique right in my office. Patients know me. They trust me. And I know yoga and meditation work.
- Alison Olt Kerr, ND

Occupational Therapist: I feel blessed and fortunate to have happened into this monumental process through Three Trees. I use my yoga training at work both with clients and with staff. I've utilized pranayama practices help people turn within and develop awareness of their own bodies; instruct clients in asanas to help them balance their body challenges for the long term and have counseled employees by teaching them about the kleshas and non-attachment.
- Sandi Koch

suzyTeacher Training Testimonials

Overall the class was one of my top life experiences as it was very approachable, non judgmental and real life. The content and presentations were very informative, interesting and always a little entertaining. - Laurie Williams

The curriculum for the year flowed in a cohesive and logical way that worked well for me. Focusing on being present, developing a daily practice and continually challenging my limits has given me the self confidence I have been searching for. - Candice Young

You don't need to be an advanced practitioner or have extensive knowledge of yoga to be a part of this unique program. The teachers pour their hearts into their teaching and it is very diffictult to be a part of this group and not feel like your life has changed. - Maria Tran

The balance, pacing, and sequencing of the material over the consecutive months and over each individual week end was well arranged. It was not overwhelming, although it was challenging. I appreciated the diversity in the curriculum. Each of you is a wonderful teacher and you compliment one another beautifully and create a holistic, balanced teacher training program. - Julie Bradley

The practice teaching was extremely valuable. There is no better way to learn how to do something than to practice doing it and get feedback on your efforts. The feedback we got was kind, accurate, and useful. - Susan Brandt

I really appreciate your authenticity, attention to time, and organization. - Holly Knoll

You three are so kind and funny and willing to hear every one's input - it really made class fun. - Renee Sanelli

I feel more than ready to get out there and spread the peace, love and joy that is yoga. - Dawn Bowden

TTYTT goes far and away beyond the physical practice of yoga. This program will forever change you for the better. It is not only the most thorough and comprehensive, the teachers are knowledgeable, approachable, open and supportive. - Rachelle Buck

The full spectrum of topics covered was incredible. The structure flowed well and kept things moving and interesting. Comprehensive, connected, life changing.
- Daniel Martin

This was one of the greatest experiences of my life. - Gene Elick

Thank you so much for being a profound and influential part of my journey. - Stephanie Hansen

I joined this program to have other options in my career path. Wow! I received so much more! - Denise Scharff

I loved the way everything layered upon itself as the program proceeded. I will forever look back on this time as one of extreme growth, love, healing and learning. - Sara Ball

A wonderfully well-rounded program ministering to body, soul and spirit. - Kathy Roark

One week end a month over 10 months was perfection. It allowed us to sit with what we learned and process, digest and reflect. Thank you for allowing me to find the key at my own pace; unlock the chains that bound me and fling the doors of life wide open. - Kassandra Rose

Thank you for seeing in me what it took me so long to see in myself. - Allison Kerr

Your continued reassurance that we would learn it all was comforting and true. You are all great at teaching how to teach. - Connie Lucas

I appreciated the great team of teachers- each with their own expertise. The course was fun, informative and professional. I felt supported and encouraged the entire time and was given the foundation to be a great teacher. - Kristin Peterson

The most impressive aspect of your training program was the organized structure that kept the large group focused and always on track, yet there was still humor and fun. That structure helped quickly establish a safe place for each of us to transition into the training program, not only with the other students but also individually. - Jan Semsak Hilger

Having time between week ends to contemplate rather than be overloaded with information was important. - Maddie Phillips

Because of my desire to know much more about yoga and allow me the tools to keep connecting with a diverse population that I am privileged to work with, I am currently in their exceptional Yoga Teacher Training. The community/family that has grown out of our group of instructors from all walks of life, different ages and goals is remarkable. I will keep these friends long after our training is over. Besides that, the depth of study (anatomy, philosophy, asana, tradition, etc.) is more than anything I had imagined. I know I am completing my training equipped to instruct in a solid, compassionate, safe and authentic way. This program is exceptional and I am grateful for the journey I'm making with Three Trees Yoga and the members in my training group.- Kim Mc Leod